Gold Emerald Platinum Ruby Diamond
Cancellation £10k £15k £25k £35k £60k
Failure of suppliers £5k £7.5k £12.5k £18.5k £27.5k
Wedding gifts £2.5k £4k £7k £10k £12.5k
Wedding transport £3k £7.5k £10k £12.5k £25k
Photographs and video £5k £7.5k £10k £18.5k £27.5k
Rearrangement £10k £15k £25k £35k £60k
Wedding rings £2.5k £4k £6k £9k £12.5k
Wedding cake and flowers £3k £7.5k £10k £12.5k £15k
Wedding attire £5k £8k £10k £15k £25k
Attendent’s gifts £3k £7.5k £10k £12.5k £15k
Document indemnity £250 £500 £1k £1k £1k
Legal expenses £5k £10k £10k £20k £20k
Public liability (UK only) £2.5m £2.5m £2.5m £2.5m £2.5m
Personal liability £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m
Personal accident £20k £30k £40k £40k £40k
Premium (inc IPT) £58.88 £78.51 £100.20 £153.92 £205.58
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Customer feedback

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I would recommend this service to anyone. It was easy to use online and had loads of information about what things are covered. Has different levels of cover to suit different budgets. Received the confirmation email straight away and policy was attached.


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Why choose wedding insurance from Debenhams?

Let’s hope you won’t have to replace lost rings, or pay for emergency catering but should something go wrong we have a choice of 5 policy levels to suit the size and budget of your big day.

Supplier woes

Cancellation and rearrangements of your wedding and financial protection if a supplier fails to deliver on the day. An insurance policy with Debenhams means you could be reimbursed for any irrecoverable deposits you’ve made.

Peace of mind

You have enough to worry about if a member of your wedding party falls ill, your costs could be compensated if you need to rearrange your big day to make sure your loved ones are there to share it with you.

It’s covered

It’s all in the details ­our 5 different cover levels include financial protection against loss or damage to your wedding cake, flowers, attire, and transport and many other of the finer details.